Send the request

After setting up the request it can be sent to the server in a few different ways. Keep in mind that all configuration regarding the request must be done prior to any of the following steps, as they will actually send the request.

When I request :path

Request :path using HTTP GET. Shorthand for When I request :path using HTTP GET.

When I request :path using HTTP :method

:path is relative to the base_uri configuration option, and :method is any HTTP method, for instance POST or DELETE. If :path starts with a slash, it will be relative to the root of base_uri.


Assume that the ``base_uri`` configuration option has been set to ```` in the following examples.

Step :path :method Resulting URI
When I request “/?foo=bar&bar=foo /?foo=bar&bar=foo GET
When I request “/some/path” using HTTP DELETE /some/path DELETE
When I request “foobar” using HTTP POST foobar POST